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Monthly Newsletter from New Dawn Realty June 30, 2022

Market update:

The one question I've been asked most recently: "Is the housing market going to crash?"

Let’s take a moment to exhale and stay rooted despite the whirlwind of information and threats of a looming recession.

Here’s what I know to be true:
Recessions are necessary to balance inflation and to allow the real estate market to release steam off of the steam cooker. This is healthy and we need some relief.
20-22% year-over-year home value appreciation is not healthy (although my sellers have benefited).
This cooling or transitioning is normal and doesn’t appear to be anything like 2007 and 2008 here’s why:
*2008 the financial institutions were lending 100 percent of home equity values and were offering adjustable rates.
While buyers could afford the initial payments, as the rates adjusted, they no longer could afford them. Now with no equity, many homes went into foreclosure.
*In 2008, inventory in Colorado was about 25,000 homes in the Denver market.
A balanced market has around 10,000 active homes for sale.
Let’s look at where we are today:
*Inventory…while we’ve crept up from January 2022 with 1,500 homes on the market, to currently 5,000, we still have an inventory shortage.
*I’ve seen more loans with substantial down payments over the past five years than ever before. This means that homeowners have equity (not to mention the crazy appreciation values they’ve seen). 
*There's also been a majority of Buyers paying cash for their home purchases. 
But wait! THERE'S MORE!!!
*As of 3/31/2022, US single-family homes were worth $39.0 trillion and outstanding mortgages totaled $11.2 trillion, resulting in $27.8 trillion of home equity,
an all-time record. For comparison, in 2007 equity was $12.7T…meaning that there is roughly 120% more equity today. This is part of the reason housing
remains strong.
Suffice it to say, being a home owner means that you have equity and aren’t forced to sell when recessions come.
So let’s recenter and remember that your home will still sell, and even better yet, you might have a bit more leverage on your new purchase. This is great news for the housing market!


I'm proud to be a member of The National Association of Realtors. NAR not only advocates for the Realtor, but also the consumer; fighting for what is right. Check out the article below. (source)

NAR Letter to White House on Renter Issues

On Wednesday, June 22, NAR sent a letter to the White House as a follow-up to the May 31st housing provider listening session, focusing on the topic of renters' rights and responsibilities. During the listening session and again in the letter NAR highlighted that among its membership are thousands of "mom-and-pop" housing providers, for whom ownership of one or more residential rental properties is a significant source of their income.

For these housing providers, disruptions to their ability to collect the full rent, on time, not only impact their ability to cover basic housing costs (mortgage payments, taxes and insurance) and provide necessary maintenance to the property, but may also impact their retirement savings, children's college funds, and other long-term expenses they use that income for. NAR stressed that the states and localities have long been the source of housing protections, based on the unique needs of their communities, and that these protections continue at the judicial level when eviction proceedings are initiated. An additional level of federal regulations will only serve to further complicate the system and confuse housing providers and renters alike, with the ultimate outcome likely to be fewer "mom-and-pop" housing providers staying in the market and thus exacerbating the affordable housing supply crisis. 

NAR is part of a coalition of housing providers which is engaged with the Administration and Congress on these issues and is a member of an industry task force focused specifically on addressing these issues raised by the White House and ensuring that housing providers needs are included in any policy discussion going forward.

Have a safe and wonderful Fourth of July!

Your Trusted Voice of Value,




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