Property Tax Assessments and Appeals


Monthly Newsletter from New Dawn Realty May 26, 2023

Property Tax Assessments and Appeals

Well, it’s that time of year again. And I’m receiving so many messages about current assessments and how to appeal them.

The Value of your home is deemed by the assessor with this formula:

Actual Value x Tax Rate= Assessed Value
Assessed Value x Mill Levy= Taxes Due
The assessment Process:
Every odd year the county assessor sets the value of your property based on market sales that occurred in the prior 24 months.  The current value of your home doesn’t matter.
The key for this year’s assessment is finding the closest comparables to June 30, 2022.
What you’ve received is a notice of value. You can view what comps the assessor used on their website (for your specific county).
Note: The Assessor is not determining taxes at this point, just the new assessed value (The new mill levy won’t be decided until December). 
If you decide to protest your assessed value:
  • Appeal to the assessor by June 8th. The form is found on your specific county assessor’s website.
  • Apply online.
  • Send comps and the source you got them from.
  • County’s decision of your notice of value will be sent in August.
  • You can appeal a second time before September 15th to the board of equalization if your value was not changed. And a third appeal can be made to the county district court.
I’ve sent comps to many of my clients. If you’d like me to send you values for your home, just let me know.


May 04, 2023, we held our second annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Party. We raised over $2500 for Aurora Police Department D1, D2, and D3. What an honor it is to partner with our men and women in blue.

I enjoy honoring our police force and I LOVE giving back!






Please remember, I'm always here to serve you and your referrals.

Happy Memorial Day weekend.





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