From the desk of Dawna~April Update


Monthly Newsletter from New Dawn Realty April 26, 2022

A big thanks to all of you who participated in our first annual

Law Enforcement Appreciation party.

We had a HUGE turn out and our men and women in blue were so grateful for this gathering.
We have a humble group of law enforcement serving our community.
Here’s what the evening looked like:
*The police department of Aurora, Districts 1, 2, and 3 were greeted by the New Dawn Realty Team and Valerie Cameron with Prime Lending.
*Our MC, Chris, personally introduced each officer as they arrived and thanked them for their service.
*Each one was handed a gift for coming and a personal handwritten note from our clients and friends.
*Officers enjoyed pizza and appetizers.
*City Councilman, Steve Sundberg and Aurora City Councilwoman at Large, Danielle Jurinski, discussed the coming changes they plan to enforce to make police jobs better.
*We heard from one of our men in blue. See video posted below.
*We raised over $1,200 for the Aurora Police Foundation to purchase safety equipment/tourniquets for our men and women serving our community.
Thank you for being a part of this amazing day and for your heart-felt words in your notes—it meant so much to them. 
We will keep you informed for next year’s party.

GIVING BACK IN MARCH: Over $1,200 raised for the Aurora Police Foundation!


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