Why I’m lovin’ livin’ in Colorado ~

Where do I begin to explain my affinity for living in Colorado?  Do I start with the sheer beauty of the Rocky Mountains, the changing seasons or the incredible people who live here?  Yet  there is so much more.  What I can tell you is that I have visited countless places but none thus far ,compare to what Colorado has to offer.  Colorado is an outdoorsman ‘s (and woman’s) dream.  From skiing, snow boarding and snowmobiling, to camping, hiking ,biking and boating, Colorado has an endless variety of activities to offer!  And if you love to hike “ fourteeners”, Colorado has 58 mountains over 14,000 feet high!  Louisville, Colorado was ranked number one by CNNMoney.com as the best city in America to live.  Denver, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs consistently make the list as the best places to raise a family.  Furthermore,  the residents of Colorado is one of the healthiest and well educated in the nation.   And  that  being said, I have not scratched the surface of all that this incredible state offers. Ultimately, I believe I love Colorado because I found out who I was here.  I was only twenty three years old when I moved here and  eighteen years later, have  made life time friends,  created a successful business and become comfortable in my own skin living a life full of joy.  I guess you can say  that Colorado is good for the soul! 


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