Where Do Home Shoppers Look the Most on the Web?

Today’s consumer is no stranger to using the Internet when home shopping. In fact, most buyers find the house they eventually buy first by searching on the Internet, according to buyer surveys.

So where do they turn most frequently for their information?

Their local multiple-listing service Web site is the top place home buyers look for homes, according to the National Association of REALTORS(R)’ 2012 survey of home buyers and sellers.

The following are the most popular Web sites used in a home search, according to the survey:

  1. MLS Web site: 54 percent
  2. Real estate agent Web site: 51 percent
  3. Realtor.com: 47 percent
  4. Real estate company Web site: 39 percent
  5. Other listing Web sites: 27 percent
  6. Search engines: 19 percent
  7. Mobile or tablet apps: 13 percent
  8. For-sale-by-owner sites: 13 percent

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