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Is solar a good investment? Not sure whether to get solar or not? Let’s chat so I can give you all the necessary details to help with your decision. Also, what cities have made it in the top four hottest real estate markets in the country?! Tune into What’s Up Wednesday episode 9/23

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Cooking with Clients Recipe for Japchae:

Here’s the ingredients for Korean dish, Japchae if you’d like to cook along with us:

Glass noodle
(soak in the water for 1 to 2 hour)
Dried tree ear mushroom or siitaki mushroom
(soak it the water until soft)
Bell pepper
Green onion (optional)
Pork or beef (season with garlic, sweet rice wine, black pepper, soysauce)
Garlic 1 table spoon
Sugar 2 table spoon
Soy sauce 4 table spoon
Sea salt 1/3 table spoon
Sesame oil 4 table spoon
Black pepper
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