The Art of Lighting: How to add Design and Function to your Bathroom

A bathroom remodel is one of the most-desired home updates; it changes the way you start and end your day and also touts a high return on investment.

Most homeowners focus on a new vanity, sink, tub or toilet. But one of the most-often-overlooked — yet important — parts of bath design is the lighting. Lighting not only affects the ambiance of the room, but also the functionality.
“Most bathrooms have lower quality lighting than a janitor’s closet,” says Andrew Lippman, president of Robern, an industry leader in bath storage and grooming solutions. “And most of those bathrooms have a single recessed light over the vanity. That’s just not enough. Even the most luxurious bathroom is not functioning to its potential if it has poorly planned illumination.”

When it comes to the art of lighting, it’s about function as much as it is style. In addition to selecting a design and finish, keep in mind the role each light will play in the bathroom. By choosing the best lighting and placement, you can transform both the ambiance and utility of the space.

When evaluating bathroom lighting options, ask yourself these questions:

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