Smartphone apps send holiday greetings

More people are skipping paper holiday cards — or at least the part where you mail them yourself — in favor of cellphone apps that create cards and send them by text message, e-mail or snail mail.

Although websites such as Shutterfly and Paperless Post have already simplified the process by letting people upload photos and order or send cards online, the new apps make it even faster by doing away with the need to transfer a photo from your phone to the computer and write notes and addresses by hand. Before you disavow the tradition altogether, here are some apps that can bring back the joy of sending holiday cards.

RED STAMP: This greeting- card company has been around since 2005 with a website to create and order old-fashioned print cards. But this fall, Erin Newkirk, its co-founder and chief executive, closed that business to concentrate on Red Stamp’s app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to send cards virtually.

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