Installing a home security system can ease a lot of homeowner worries, and many systems now offer even greater peace of mind with smartphone-ready features. With your mobile device, you can stay connected to your home and monitor it whether you’re near or far.

     ADT’s ( Pulse, an add-on to its standard security system, allows homeowners to arm or disarm the alarm system, control lights and thermostats and obtain real-time video of security cameras from anywhere they have an Internet connection. The system, which is available as an app for the Android and iPhone, also provides a list of secure or unsecure areas, alerting users which doors or windows have been opened. 

     The Total Connect system from Honeywell Security (, which is available as a remote keypad or a free application for the BlackBerry, iPhone or iPod Touch, contains many of the same features as other systems, including the ability to check the status of your security system, control the lights and review video feeds. It also allows users to bypass alarm systems remotely for a specified entrance for unscheduled maintenance, and its support for multiple accounts lets you keep an eye on vacation homes or investment properties.

     GotoCamera’s ( system, which includes a residential webcam, allows users to access a mobile-friendly website for an instant feed of their home at any time. For an additional fee, users can set up mobile alerts that send an image or a 10-second video clip of disruptions in motion detection straight to their phone.


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