Perfect Opportunity for Move Inc.?

A new age of opportunity may be born for Move Inc. in the wake of® President Errol Samuelson’s departure from the company. The blogosphere was alive with chatter Wednesday following the announcement of Samuelson’s resignation, and the general impression seemed to be that the loss could be Move’s gain.

“® has the chance to revitalize their entire company, and shedding the weight may end up boosting their stock prices, if they don’t take for granted that this is a huge opportunity,” says an editorial on AGBeat. “The world is their oyster now.”

Not everyone took a positive spin. Some saw Samuelson’s departure as a betrayal; others called it a statement on the future of®.

Also on Wednesday, Move Inc. announced the promotion of Curt Beardsley to executive vice president of industry development. Beardsley has been with Move for the last seven years, most recently as vice president of product marketing. In his new role, he will continue leading the company’s relationship with the National Association of REALTORS® and the more than 800 multiple listing service organizations that NAR serves, Move says.

“I’m delighted to be giving Curt the recognition he so richly deserves,” says Steve Berkowitz, CEO of Move. “For the past seven years, Curt has served as the industry’s voice at Move in a variety of successive roles, from his deep roots with our Top Producer Systems and ListHub industry products to his significant involvement in our data protection and accuracy initiatives. This is a formal acknowledgement of his day-to-day stewardship of the industry relationships that are central to our success.”

Samuelson leaves Move after nearly 11 years with the company. NAR leaders say that the association’s relationship with® is deeper than any one person and expressed excitement about the opportunities that will emerge from the changes at Move.

Beardsley has a long career in real estate technology. He founded True North Technology in 1994, developer of one the nation’s first Internet-based MLS systems.

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