More Than Just a House

The seminal event of my fourth-grade life was a real estate sale. My parents sold our 3-bedroom, 1-bath split-level and bought a 4-bedroom, 2 1/2-bath colonial. That sale rocked my world.

We moved at the end of November, as I recall. Even though the move was only across town, I was changing schools, which meant leaving behind my new best friend and a teacher I truly loved. I remember looking out the window of our new house at our dirt-filled yard and thinking that our old yard had been bigger and our old neighborhood better in every way.

Before too long, I gained a fresh perspective. I realized that the move was hard for everyone, not just me; that fact somehow drew us closer as a family. My new teacher was cool. By spring, we had grass. There was a girl my age living down the street, and we became best friends. Having my own room was awesome. The house became home and stayed that way long after I’d moved away—even after my husband and I had purchased our own house…read more

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