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When shopping for a new home, homebuyers tend to look for space, and lots of it. According to a May 2010 survey by ZipRealty, a garage or parking space is the most sought-after home feature, followed by a master suite, ample storage space, walk-in closets and a guest bedroom. A home located on a quiet cul-de-sac is more likely to appeal to families, while a location on a busy street may be a turnoff. Other buyer turnoffs are structural damage, bad odors, and an awkward floor plan.

The top ten most sought-after home features are:

1. Garage or parking space

2. Master suite

3. Ample storage space

4. Large or walk-in closets

5. Guest bedroom

6. Outdoor entertainment area

7. Gourmet or updated kitchen

8. Breakfast room or eat-in kitchen

9. Large yard

10. Wood floors

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