Here’s a few reminders of items to attend to after closing your new home.

  • Register your new appliances with the manufacture.
  • Keep your new home book handy to reference how to submit a warranty claim. Some books have a website noted or a QR code you can scan. Note: you can typically submit various items on one claim by clicking the plus symbol to add more items. Punch list items are typically submitted A. 30-60 days after closing, B. at your 6 month mark, C. at 11 months (prior to warranty expiring).
  • Rekey your doors with the master key and or reprogram the keypad.
  • Change your garage code.
  • Place your emergency contacts list (provided by the builder) inside your cabinet under the kitchen sink for reference.
  • Switch gas and electric into your name. The Title Company handles water and HOA.
  • Take your warranty deed to the post office (in your closing package) to get your mailbox keys and a box assigned to you.
  • Contact the HOA to get your FOB for the pool/clubhouse entrance.

CONGRATS and welcome home.