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I love the beauty of Colorado and if you asked me, I would say

Summer is my favorite season ~until I see the magnificent colors of

the trees changing in the fall.  Then I would say fall is my favorite

season.  But when I see the sheer beauty of the snow flocked trees,

I would declare Winter is my most loved season.  When the

flowers bloom and spring is in the air, I proclaim that spring is the

best season of all.  Do you wish upon a new season? Do you enjoy

each season of life or do you spend your days wishing for the next?

Let me share a poem with you written by a 14 year old boy named,

Jason Lehman:

It was spring….but summer was all I wanted, the warm days and

great outdoors.  It was summer but it was fall I wanted, the colorful

leaves, and the cool, dry air.  It was fall, but it was winter I wanted,

the beautiful snow, and holiday season.  It was winter but it was spring

I wanted, the warmth, and the blossoming of nature.  I was a child, but

it was adulthood I wanted, the freedom and respect.  I was 20, but it was

30 I wanted, to be mature and sophisticated.  I was middle-aged, but it

was 20 I wanted, the youth, and the free spirit.  I was retired, but it was

middle age I wanted, the presence of mind, without limitations.  My life

was over.  But I never got what I wanted.

Here is to enjoying the right now and getting what you want!  I hope you

enjoy the beautiful fall season!

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