With so many homes on the market these days, buyers may find it difficult to decide which style of home is right for them. HGTV’s outlines several factors to consider when choosing a home style, including the region of the country, personal tastes, lifestyle and budget.

     First, think about what part of the country you plan to live in and the type of neighborhood that appeals to you. Some home styles are more prevalent in certain parts of the country and in certain communities. For example, bungalows are more common in the Midwest, while Colonials are more prevalent in the Northeast.

     Budget is also a consideration. For first-time homebuyers on a budget, certain home styles may be out of their price range. Meanwhile, move-up buyers with more cash available can consider a more spacious home with luxury amenities.

     How much space do you need? For growing families, the typical American ranch home usually offers plenty of space and a large yard for kids to play, while a smaller ranch home may be a better option for empty nesters and older singles.

     When selecting a home style, think carefully about the upkeep. How much home maintenance are you willing to do? Older homes may have more history and character but they sometimes require more maintenance, while newer homes may only require some minor touch-ups and may be more move-in ready.

     Modern home styles with open, free-flowing floor plans and outdoor living spaces will likely appeal to those who love to entertain or have families. But smaller, cozy spaces may be better suited to older couples or single homeowners who enjoy their privacy.

     The best part about finding the best home style to fit your lifestyle is decorating it to make it all your own.


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