Farmville Comes to Subdivisions

If your clients are intrigued by the idea of very fresh steaks, you may be able to steer them to their perfect home.

Gizmodo, a tech blog that also reports on lifestyle trends, says that 200 communities planned around agriculture already exist, and more are on the way.

Writer Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan takes a look at Jessup Farm, recently covered by a Nebraska NPR affiliate. The 129-acre development includes “a 3.6-acre CSA [community-supported agriculture] farm, a space for a farmers market, gardens, chicken coops, and livestock pens,” she reports. Also in the development are a coffee roaster, a yoga studio, and a farm-to-table restaurant.

Another developer, Agriburbia, has 3,000 acres under development, Campbell-Dollaghan says, and speaks to the need to cut both costs and waste by moving food production closer to its destination.

“Because the developers pay for farming infrastructure and machinery, it takes the financial burden off of the farmer — traditionally, a source of huge strain for independent farms,” Campbell-Dollaghan says.

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