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Facebook for Real Estate: The 10 Commandments

One: Forget Everything You’ve Heard about Facebook and Real Estate
Real estate has always been a business of relationships, so of course there’s a lot of excitement around the use of Facebook – which leverages relationships – as the next, great marketing tool.

But have you noticed Facebook has been a bit oversold as this feel-good, collaborative environment where you can magically engage and connect with your prospects, and then just drive your numbers through the roof? Seriously, the constant cascade of “expert” advice on how easy it is to revolutionize your real estate practice with Facebook can be bewildering and paralyzing.

The fact is, there are more than 750 million people on Facebook, including your prospects, so it is absolutely possible to make a dramatic positive impact on your real estate business. But as with any marketing vehicle, success requires a strategic plan….read more

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