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Want to build a new staircase or add a porch to your home? In addition to researching costs, be sure to find out if your new project adheres to local building codes.  Your contractor should know associated building codes for specific projects, but if you want to do your own additional research, there are a few ways to find up-to-date codes. The best way to find them — collectively called International Building Codes (IBC) — is to head to the reference section of your local library. Or you can find an explanation of codes on the building section of your local county and state government websites. You should be able to find codes within these department websites. The International Code Council (iccsafe.org) is dedicated to developing a single set of comprehensive and coordinated national model construction codes, and also can offer insight on building codes. Common queries might include how large a building can be in a specific area or mandatory fire prevention additions. These codes are available in print form, but the codes are updated frequently, so it’s best to go to the website for the most recent versions of codes.

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