CES: Tech Trends to Watch

The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas kicked off this week, putting a spotlight on the latest technology trends and gadgets, while also offering sneak peeks of what’s coming in the future. 

Analysts predict key trends that will dominate this year’s show include:

  • “Ultrabooks,” extremely-thin laptops with faster chips for processing.
  • Sleeker, thinner tablets.
  • Faster, larger smartphones, with more 4G devices debuting. 

Also expected to garner more attention again at this year’s show is 3D technology, which is being added into more smartphones, cameras, and video cameras for viewing or capturing images. 

Another trend expected to be popular: Green energy powering more electronics, from tech gadgets to cars. For example, car companies are expected to debut their latest green-energy products as well as show off more connectivity in vehicles that help drivers use apps to monitor “what’s going on both in and outside their vehicles,” an article at the Washington Post notes.

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