Buyers Want Move-In Ready Homes

Is a little elbow grease needed? Selling an “as-is” home may turn off buyers, according to a recent survey of real estate professionals.

The study comes from Coldwell Banker. The company found that 87 percent of first-time buyers don’t want to buy a home that requires them to do a lot of work; instead they want “move-in” ready.

The hard part for sellers is comprehending the idea that they are going to fix up a home only to sell it and move out of it. There’s no doubt about it, however, a fixed-up home sells faster and agents say it sells for more money.

According to an article in RISMedia, when contractor work totaled nearly $40,000, those repairs added more than $100,000 to the asking price! Of course, not all homes will require that amount of money and repairs. The point is putting a little effort, money, repairs, and tender loving care into it. This could go a long way at the time of the sale.

Repairing things like leaky pipes, broken windows, worn ceilings, as well as replacing old roofs and driveways can go a long way to help increase the listing price. Ripping up carpet and painting the inside and/or outside of the home can also increase buyer appeal….read more

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