Back to School Tips

  • Check with your child’s school or teacher to find out what supplies they may need.
  • Make sure to get all immunizations and physicals completed.
  • Find out what the bus schedule is and where your child should be picked up.
  • If your child is walking to school, find a safe route and practice the route with your child.  Be sure to discuss       traffic safety and how to safely interact with strangers.
  • Make a calendar of school events and vacation days, and place it in a visible location.
  • Practice the back to school routine a few times before the first day to create continuity.
  • Make a list of rules and adjustments for school days: Homework schedule, TV schedule, bath time, bedtime, etc.
  • Pack lunches and set out clothes and backpacks with your children the night before school.

Encourage your child to share his or her feelings about going back to school.

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