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4 Ways to Get a Home in Show-Selling Shape

Make your home stand out in a crowded real estate marketplace. Housing experts offer some tips for sprucing up a home to get it ready to sell.

1. Create curb appeal. Here are some easy, big impact ideas: Paint the front door, pick a new color for the exterior trim, fix any old shutters, and make sure the path from the driveway is clear to the front door. Also, remove any overgrown plants and replace them with low-growing shrubs and perennials.

2. Fix the flaws. Fix everything, they say, including broken joints, cracks in walls or the foundation, and recaulk the bathroom tub, if needed. “If the little things are not done, people will think, what else is not done?” says Steve White, the owner of Handyman Connection in Elmsford, N.Y.

3. Paint. “Paint is the greatest single thing you can do and it’s the most cost effective,” says David Sanders of Sanders Properties in Nyack, N.Y. “Use light, cheery colors. People don’t want to walk into a dark, dreary room.”

4. Add some new bling. Interior designer Nancy August from Piermont, N.Y. says just swapping out the home’s hardware for new can quickly freshen up a home. For example, new hinges, doorknobs, drawer pulls, and light switches and fixtures can quickly transform a dated room, particularly in a dated bathroom.


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