If your garage has become a glorified storage shed, here are 4 steps to clean it out.

1. Empty it. Take everything out and, starting with the first item you remove, sort each one into piles that will: 1. stay in the garage, 2. be put elsewhere in the house, 3. go into a garage sale, or 4. get thrown out.
2. Clean it. When the garage is completely empty, use a shop vac. Then hose the floor with the nozzle on its most powerful setting. Start at the back and spray into the driveway. Push pooled water out with a broom. Leave the door open and let the place dry.
3. Add storage units. Look at the pile of things going back into the garage and install the shelves, bins, drawer units, bike racks, and hooks you need to store them. Create a place for everything. Just your car and heavy equipment like a lawnmower should take up floor space.
4. Bring in only what’s necessary. Put back the things that truly need to be there. Be merciless. If you think “maybe I’ll want this someday,” that item should be thrown out or go into the garage sale. Make sure things you use often, such as tools, are more accessible than seasonal items, such as holiday decorations.

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