10 Secrets to Crafting Perfect Email Subject Lines

Despite all the hype about social media, a recent report revealed email is nearly 40 times more effective at getting business than Facebook and Twitter combined! The problem is, another study found the average person gets more than 70 emails a day. So even though email can be highly effective, you have to make sure your subject line stands out from the pack. Here’s how to create the kind of perfect email subject lines that will boost your open rate.

1. Shorter is sweeter. Studies show shorter subject lines get higher open rates. Lines with less than 10 characters have the highest open rate, but that’s pretty short. Go for a 40 character maximum. Short lines also appear as one line on smaller devices.

2. Cut to the chase. Use the subject line to tell readers the benefit they’ll get by reading your message. Tell them how their lives will improve by opening your email.

3.Put in a call to action (CTA). CTAs such as; “call” you, “click to visit” a site, or just “read” the email, tell the reader what to do to get the benefit you’re talking about.

4. Get the reader to act now. Add a deadline if you can: “Get 50% off until June 15.” The longer an email sits unopened, the more likely the recipient will trash it. So adding a time limit helps to increase your open rate.

5. Check each word. Make sure every word in the subject line is providing information or motivating readers to open the email. Look on the Internet for sites that list spam trigger words. Cut them out where you can to avoid being caught in a spam filter. Click here for a list of trigger words.

6. Be clear. Quick and direct beat cute or witty every time. Tell readers exactly what your message is about: “Cut your time for that XYZ task in half.”

7. Play the numbers game. “5 Ways to Save on Car Insurance” is a lot more enticing a subject line than “How to Save on Car Insurance.” Readers want to learn the five ways. Just be sure to use numerals to cut down your character count.

8. Tailor your messages. If you can, segment your email list and tailor your emails to highlight specific needs or interests. This will help you create subject lines that are more interesting for each segment of your audience. For example: “3 ways to simplify your record keeping,” or “Taking care of the yard just got easier.”

9. Put in your name or company name. Readers tend to open an email when they know who it’s from. If you have a good relationship with them, they already see value in you and your organization.

10. Use your own experience. You get emails every day too. Use this experience to your advantage. Which subject lines did you notice? How did you choose which emails to trash and which to open?

Another research study says knowledge workers spend around 28% of the day managing emails. The challenge is to make sure your email is one of the ones they pick to read. Here’s to your continued success crafting emails that get opened, as you keep putting together your best year ever…. Enjoy a great month!


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